Twas long of limb, with leather skin,
ill pitched on jagged bone,
a barrel trunk, and clublike hands,
all scarred like weathered stone.

Still yet a boy, I met this beast,
one fateful autumn day,
and as I looked upon that thing,
I cast my dreams away.

No gentle prayer would touch that heart,
no tears would stay that hand,
the light had fled those ashen eyes,
and left the creature damned.

But the thought that it should have me
was more than I could bear,
and I lashed out with all the strength,
engendered by despair.

Yet as we touched in parity,
it broke and fell away,
shattering like a fearsome dream,
exposed unto the day.

But I could not dispel the truth
I'd finally come to see,
reflected in a thousand eyes,
the beast that swallowed me.

The Beast